Shattering Glass Ceilings Scholarship is committed to helping young women earn a post-secondary education. We have provided scholarships to women who are dreaming of becoming nurses, lawyers, physical therapists, doctors, public policy officials, and teachers, to name just a few of the careers they are pursuing. They express the desire to be able to help their communities, their families, and themselves. We are honored to support them as they work to achieve their goals.

Our grassroots campaign continues to grow, and through our growth, we have been able to award more scholarships. In 2017, we provided 3 scholarships to students. In 2018, we are awarding 10. We are just starting our fundraising efforts for 2019 and hope that we will be able to give out more scholarships next year.

All of our scholarship recipients are first-generation college students, and all funds are sent directly to the institution of higher learning to offset loans or direct tuition payments made by the student.

Meet our 2017 scholarship recipients

Meet our 2018 scholarship recipients


How you can help others

Shattering Glass Ceilings Scholarship is a grassroots campaign. All donations are pooled together and become scholarships for young women pursuing a post-secondary education. We are currently raising money for a third round of scholarships. To help in this endeavor, please donate today! Tax-deductible donations can be made online on our GoFundMe page or directly to our umbrella organization, the Kerosene Lamp Foundation, via the mail. For more information or questions on how to make a donation, please contact, Emily.