In her own words

Andrea Pantoja

As a first-generation student, I have depended primarily on scholarships and government aid to attend Texas State University for four years and now Physical Therapy school. Part of my passion to improve the quality of life for individuals through my field has come from the experience of growing up in a low-income family with limited access to health care. My success began with my parent’s struggle. All those moments my family did not have hot water during the winter, did not have air-conditioning or a heating system or when our only vehicle would break down allowed me to develop a humble and perseverant attitude.

I believe the best healthcare professionals are those who value connection and utilize their knowledge to provide therapy focused on wellness, positivity, and respect. I hope to impact my profession by leading through service, advocacy, and involving myself in efforts to provide medical care to all individuals regardless of their gender, race, disability, socioeconomic status, or cultural difference. My ultimate goal is to devote my skills in future projects that provide affordable and pro-bono evidence-supported services to low-income families and children.

Each step in my academic career has been a success for myself and my family; as they support me in my journey to one day graduate with my doctorate degree. I look forward to continuing my pursuit of gaining skills to serve underserved populations in my community throughout my academic journey and as a professional.

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