In her own words

Ariel Adams

I want to receive a higher education because I want to become my best professional self. I am currently deciding what my major will be and am exploring my opportunities at Duquesne University. I am active in two clubs at college: Ebony Women and the Black Student Union. I am interested in Social Justice work and follow these clubs closely. I am doing well in my first semester of college and am balancing my life and work.

I have always had a passion for equality and justice. I am interested in Criminal Justice law and have taken a Criminal Justice introduction class. I want to be a lawyer who speaks on behalf of those who can not speak for themselves. I want to defend those who do not know their rights. I want to stop the amount of innocent people, especially Black women and men, who end up going to prison (sometimes for a long time) for committing small crimes. In today’s society, there is a need for real lawyers who are on the side of the people. I want to make a difference in our community and our society. I can achieve that with college. College has all the resources I need to be successful.

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