In her own words

Autumn Locken

Breaking the stereotype that I am just a blonde “ditz” and unintelligent was my primary motivation to go into higher education. I grew up being mocked by my family because I had no common sense, even though I have had multiple educational achievements since the age of sixteen. I was told more often than not that I was stupid and knew nothing while talking about beliefs I formed independently through education. My education is often seen as being brainwashed, which has recently pushed me to remove myself from my family. Although it is painful to be out of the picture, I have received more support than ever attending St. Olaf College. The college makes me feel worthy and belonged, which I didn’t feel very often.

Growing up in a problematic environment saturated in childhood trauma has left an everlasting mark on me to succeed by wanting a better life for myself and my future family. Because I went through such hard times, I noticed that I strongly empathize with others. As a future nurse, my ability to empathize with a person will build a stronger relationship between patient and nurse. My main goal is that I can help people in the ways that I wasn’t.

As I sit here, writing this essay proves that I broke the stereotype, and I will continue to do so every day.

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