In her own words

Ava Taube

There are many reasons as to why I’m choosing to pursue a higher education. First, I know that a higher education will give me better opportunities in life. I want the opportunity to build a comfortable and happy life for myself, and hopefully have a spouse and children some day. Second, I have always been a very intellectually curious person, and learning something new every day makes me feel like the best possible version of myself. Since the information I’m learning is tailored to my interests, I feel incredibly fulfilled. Third, I want the freedom to be independent financially. I never want to have to depend on someone else to support me because I can’t find a job that pays well enough. Being the first person to attend college in my family has made my family insanely happy, not to say that that’s why I’m choosing to attend, but it brings me joy to know that they’re proud of me for being the first in my family to take such a big step. Additionally, I have always had a strong desire to make the world a better place. With the field I’m entering (psychology), your entire job is to help people overcome issues to become the best version of themselves. That in itself sounds incredibly gratifying, and I know that obtaining a higher education puts me that much closer to being able to pursue that passion. Overall, I know that college is the best possible step for me at this time in my life.

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