In her own words

Cristal Arguello

College is the place where dreams can come true. Some kids are lucky enough to go and some are not. It’s not easy getting to the place I am today, but growing up with immigrant parents allowed me to think big when it came to my aspirations. Going to college meant that I could have a better future for myself than the life I was accustomed to. No one in my family had gone to college before, so pursuing a higher education was foreign. With support from my teachers and parents, I realized that college was the gateway to success and if I could somehow get there my possibilities were endless. I could meet new people, travel the world, expand my knowledge, and hopefully be able to give back to my family who did all they could to get me to UCONN. Now, I am doing just that.

My goal here at UCONN is to become an elementary school teacher. I was influenced by all the teachers who believed I could make it. Supportive teachers can be hard to find and not all students have the access to caring instructors who will go above and beyond for their kids. When I become certified, I would like to work in my community and give back to new generations. I hope that one day a child will grow up, attend college, and be thankful they had a teacher, like me, who cared about their future.

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