In her own words

DaVon Maddox

In second grade, I wrote in my journal that I wanted to be an attorney. While my family always supported my dreams, I did not have a network of professionals to ask for help, since I am the first in my family to go off to college. Initially, criminal justice was my passion. That is, until I learned more about the juvenile advocacy system. There are misunderstood teenagers facing adult-like charges. There are children who will never know who their parents are, because the the state had to intervene for their safety. There are custody battles, which often lead to beautiful reunification of families or even creation of new household dynamics. Having the ability to drastically change youth lives at the point when they are most impressionable is mesmerizing. Ultimately, my goal is to be a judge in juvenile court proceedings, to make the hard decisions that will repair futures. Working for the public has always been a passion of mine, and I can’t wait to help families at their lowest points regain stabilization into prosperity.

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