In her own words

Giselle Magdaleno Leal

Being a first-generation college student has not been easy at all. A lot of my motive for pursuing higher education is to have a better life and to help my parents. We are not the richest family nor the poorest, but we have had our struggles economically. I come from parents with a middle school education due to not being able to pay for school in Mexico. Being the first in my family to get a degree will be one of my biggest accomplishments, and I will be a role model to my brothers to continue studying and follow their dreams. I am studying the business field and majoring in accounting. I would like to work in a public tax organization to help a lot of people in Detroit and Hispanic people since there is not a lot of tax advisors who speak Spanish to help them file taxes. Another one of my goals is to be a businesswoman and open restaurants or a big grocery store in Detroit. It sounds like a lot and impossible, but I will strive to meet my goal. By majoring in accounting and having some knowledge in an accounting firm, I will be able to administrate money and understand how to keep track of what is being spent. Majoring in accounting is the start of my dream of opening a restaurant or a grocery store and helping others.

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