In her own words

Holly Shultz

I am a student at Chatham University and am studying biochemistry. I have always been a good student, and even though I focus on my academics, I still find time to give back to the community. On my own, I have cleaned up a local, community park in my hometown. For my volunteer service with groups, in high school, I was very involved with Relay for Life and various other school volunteering groups, and in college, I have continued my work with the American Cancer Society and now provide support to children in the hospital. I also maintain a part-time job on campus, attending the desk in one of the resident halls. Along with being involved in my community, I also attend a weekly bible study.

My morals are the foundation of my motivation and leadership skills. Even though I am committed to many activities, I always strive to put forth my best effort and complete every task as best I can. I believe that personal progress and happiness comes from having meaningful connections with people, so I always try to be kind to and accepting of everyone I meet. With this, I have built strong connections with various people and have positively contributed to my community.

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