In her own words

Jayla Thomas

In the capitalistic society of America, collegiate education has been labeled a necessity, but priced as a luxury. As a first-generation child, I watched my mother endure the most daunting trials, all while finding ways to ensure my siblings and I still had an enriching childhood. Being accepted to attend Florida State University was one of the proudest moments in my life, as I had been given the opportunity to embark on a journey no one in my family has ever taken. It would be a disservice to my mother to say I made it to college alone.
At Florida State, I am currently studying Public Health and Biology, with hopes of fulfilling my passion for healthcare. I have always possessed an ardent love for the medical field, because not only will I save lives, but I will also touch lives. Right now, there is a dire need for black doctors right now, as medical racism wreaks havoc on black women. Because of the implicit biases that linger in non-black doctors, mortality rates amongst black women are higher than any other demographic. Treatments that are given to white counterparts are received slower or denied to black patients. As a black woman, this is alarming. I will use my college education to be a part of the solution. I want to address these injustices by advocating for this marginalized group, leading with tenacity and grace. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that the Hippocratic oath, do no harm, is being upheld.
In each tier of academia that I have encountered, I have strived for success. This continues throughout indefinitely, as life itself is a learning experience. I not only owe this to my mother and myself, but also to my future patients.

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