In her own words

Keera Ball

I am pursuing a higher education because I desire to facilitate progression in children that have been marginalized, stereotyped, and abused. I have worked with children for the past seven years and enjoy encouraging them to reach their goals and gain the success that they may not have realized otherwise. My passion for working with children began when I tutored second and fourth graders when I was in college. I worked with students who had behavioral issues, came from dysfunctional homes, and even some who had learning disabilities. However, this did not deter me from taking on the responsibility of helping them. I made it my aim to not look at the children through the same lens that everyone else had, instead I viewed them as children with the ability to exceed. By the end of my senior year, the students and I both left with something special. They left with new perspectives and unleashed potentials, and I left with a desire to pursue a career in juvenile law. As a first-generation college graduate, I have broken generational cycles of poor education, negative mindset, and apathy within my own family. I know that I can help children in the juvenile justice system make a similar shift in their lives. Upon graduating from law school, I will continue changing the trajectory of our youth’s lives by inspiring them to further their education and break molds.

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