In her own words

Melissa Millan-Flores

I am the first female Latina in my Family’s Generation to attend College and pursue a higher education. My Parents migrated to Georgia when I was only five years old. I attended elementary, middle, and high school in Georgia. I always saw my mother work so hard as a house keeper and my father would work up to three jobs to help my mother provide for my younger siblings and me. As I got older I saw how important it is to have an education. When I was younger I met many girls who experienced traumatic events in their life at a young age. It really opened my eyes and made me see how many people suffer in silence. I helped those who I knew who were going through a hard time by teaching them how to cope with their emotions and suicidal thoughts. I later knew I needed to pursue a higher education to help other children or teens who also need mental support. I felt so much better knowing that I could help others feel a sense of relief to know they are not alone. Going through my own personal experiences has given me the skills to help others. I am currently pursuing my Associate’s degree, and paying for school out of pocket, and I am finding it very hard to continue going to school because I don’t have the financial support to pay for it all on my own. My parents are not able to help pay for my education because they have two other children who they must care for. I have always worked full-time while attending one or two classes a semester per year. I did stop going to school for a year due to Covid-19. Covid caused my mother and father to lose their jobs, and I became the only income provider within the household, so I was forced to place school on pause to help my family. Thank you for the time to give me an opportunity.”

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