In her own words

Tori Roy

I’m pursuing higher education because I want be successful in my future career path, so I will have a good income to live on and support my family. When I was young, it was just my mom struggling to make ends meet for us. My grandma helped us before she passed away due to medical complications. My grandma was my role model, thus her death is what inspired me to get involved in medicine. My mom did what she could to get me into a selective college boarding school for high school so I could get into a good college. That decision alone is enough for me to continue on this journey for higher education. I want to be able to give back to those who have helped me get this far; my mother gave up valuable memories and experiences with me, her oldest daughter, so that I could succeed in high school; my older brother sacrificed his education to help support our family so I could continue my schooling. The choices that were made for me to get here are what motivate me to continue this path in education. Therefore, I want to finish my education and become a successful doctor, so I can support my family and give something back to them for their sacrifices.

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