In her own words

Yuehan (Coco) Liu

I’m originally from Shenyang–a beautiful city in Northeast China. I come from a working-class family, and my parents have always made my education the priority. They made sure I attended the best schools in the area, and I always put in my best in all academic and extracurricular activities. After graduating from middle school at the top of my class, I embarked on a new journey to Singapore on a government scholarship. The four years in Singapore opened my eyes to all the exciting opportunities in life and what people can achieve regardless of their gender and background. I also knew I wanted to pursue my passion for Economics and Politics in one of the best universities in the U.S.

Now I’m a junior studying Economics and International Relations at Colgate University. I learned so much and built meaningful friendships with my peers and professors while working on various school activities and research projects. I connected with many successful alumni and found my interest in the financial markets where economics and politics interact. Next summer, I will be working as a Summer Analyst at Bank of America’s Global Markets division. It is my dream position, and I would have never achieved it without the amazing education and alumni support from my university. I aim to become a top performer on Wall Street, where women have been traditionally underrepresented. I also hope to educate my family and friends on managing their finances better to unlock more experiences in life. Finally, I want to motivate and help more females achieve their dreams, just like I did.

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