In her own words

Alichiere Kemp


To be quite frank, my dream as a little girl was always to become a medical doctor or so I thought. I am convinced my decision was based upon the notion that the only careers worthy of pursuing were doctors, lawyers, teachers, and law enforcement officers. As I got older, science was a preferred subject of choice, and I enjoyed learning about all the interesting facts that were presented in this subject. During the third year of my first undergraduate degree in Biochemistry (pre-med), I realized that becoming a doctor was not an accomplishment of mine, and I grew very fond of laboratory work. The simple pleasures of working with microscopes, beakers, test tubes, mixing solutions, and being out of the limelight made me so very excited. I knew I wanted to work in the medical field but was uneducated about the countless careers in this field. After some career research, and regrettably continuing to complete a degree that I had absolutely no interest in for the most part, I knew in my heart that becoming Medical Technologist was the goal for me. In The Bahamas, my hometown, waiting for lab results, for things such as Pap smears can take a number of days or even months can be life-threatening. There has been a severe shortage of Bahamians studying to become MT’s, therefore foreigners are being hired to fill vacancies. With that being said, I, Alichiere Kemp, intend on learning from the great experts at UWF in the Clinical Lab Sciences program, taking the knowledge and experience fueled with determination to my home country to become the best Medical Technologist there is, and eventually, mastering/specializing in a med-tech career and opening my own laboratory.

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